When you’re looking at your current jewelry collection, perhaps you have pieces that no longer fit your taste or lifestyle. Inherited family collections span fashion eras, but these pieces may not be currently stylish. Budding jewelry investors often accumulate items that they eventually outgrow, especially when they begin their collection without a trusted jeweler like JMorgen to guide their journey.

However, there’s no need to discard these jewels. Whether you own mass-market jewelry, diamonds from auction, or family pieces that are not to your taste, JMorgen can help make the most of your existing diamonds. We specially designed our Diamond Pieces Buy Back Program to transform your unworn pieces into beautiful new investments.

Your Diamond Consultation

You deserve a thoughtful discussion about your collection, so our Diamond Pieces Buy Back Program begins with a personal consultation. We’ll schedule a time that fits your lifestyle to meet at our boutique in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Once your appointment is scheduled, start to consider the pieces in your collection. We encourage you to bring any jewelry that you don’t love in its current setting.

One-on-One Discussion

During your consultation, you’ll meet with one of JMorgen’s expert jewelers to learn more about your pieces. We are always excited to educate our clients on the diamonds they bring in, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about your collection.

We will also explore your objectives regarding your existing jewels. Diamonds uphold their value, and we are dedicated to helping you make the most of your jewelry investments.

Our Agreement

Upon our discussion, we will discover the best option for you and your jewelry collection. There are several options to retain and enhance the value of your diamonds.

Diamonds and diamond pieces can be upgraded into a new piece of jewelry or sold. We care for your family heirloom diamonds as much as you do and are delighted to provide various options to keep your pieces close to your heart. We can often upgrade your family diamonds to a beautiful, unique piece that enhances your personality while retaining a classic, nostalgic feel.

If you would rather sell your diamonds, count on owner Yoni Morgenstern’s decades of experience in the diamond industry to guide the process. The entire sales process is handled by JMorgen staff so that you can enjoy a streamlined, secure experience.

Whether you prefer a new piece of jewelry to wear or to sell your unworn diamonds, we will explore all your options. You can count on the expertise and experience of your JMorgen jeweler as you take your diamond collection to the next level.

For more information or to schedule a private appointment, please email info@jmorgen.com.