Buying a new piece of jewelry is an investment, and it can be hard to know you’ve made the best choice with your unique jewelry piece. There’s a sense of familiarity in working with a significant diamond corporation that you’ve seen advertised for decades—and at JMorgen, we’ve found that many new clients are hesitant to work with a private jeweler for the first time. We love educating our community and always want you to make informed decisions about your jewelry collection. Let’s examine common myths and misconceptions about investing in diamonds from a private jeweler.

Private Jewelers Are More Expensive

A private jeweler sounds like a luxury to many people, so you may be surprised to learn that JMorgen and other personal jewelers can work with almost any budget. Strategic business partnerships and decades of industry experience allow boutique jewelers such as our team at J Morgen Jewelry to source the highest quality materials at prices lower than you’ll find at major jewelry corporations. Every piece is designed to your liking and lifestyle. Bring your budget to JMorgen and explore the possibilities.

You Can Find The Same Pieces From Any Jeweler

You do find identical pieces at every big-box jeweler, so there’s a kernel of truth to this myth. Large corporations produce their jewelry in bulk. Their business model also focuses on seasonal trends, which may not stand the test of time. If you want a one-of-a-kind piece, you need to turn to a boutique jeweler.

JMorgen crafts every unique item with a specific client in mind, so you can be confident no one will ever have the same piece of jewelry as you. When you desire custom jewelry that reflects your personality, showcases your family history, and makes a true statement, a private jeweler is your only choice.

It’s Hard To Get A Private Jeweler Appointment

The private jeweler business model provides the highest level of one-on-one, white-glove customer service. JMorgen meets with clients individually to guarantee each customer receives the undivided attention they deserve. Walk-in customers are welcomed by staff, who are happy to discuss the types of pieces JMorgen creates, but your jewelry journey truly begins with your first private appointment. 

Appointments are an essential part of your jewelry experience, and JMorgen is happy to work within your schedule. You’ll enjoy personal attention, education, and expert guidance during every no-pressure appointment.

Mainstream Jewelers Provide Better Lifelong Service

When you see a major jewelry storefront at every mall and shopping center in your area, you may think these businesses offer helpful lifelong service. After all, there are so many different places to turn for cleaning, repairs, or complementary pieces. However, large corporations have too many identical pieces and nameless customers to give you a genuinely personalized service. 

By contrast, a private jeweler offers individualized, white-glove service from your first visit to their shop. All services are handled in-house, so you always know exactly where your pieces are and who is working on them. Your JMorgen jeweler cares about you as a person as well as your family and your entire jewelry collection. They hope to form a lifelong relationship with every client, creating valuable memories and investments through fine jewelry.

Custom Jewelry Isn’t Worth The Investment

Mass-market jewelry may go out of style or quickly reveal poor craftsmanship, but custom jewelry is an investment that holds its value. The top craftsmanship at JMorgen will endure for lifetimes. Custom pieces can be resold or adapted into new settings years, decades, and even centuries after their creation, making diamond jewelry a safe and reliable investment.

Your custom jewelry is also a gift for your future generations. Every JMorgen piece can be handed down to new family members. Whether a thoughtful gift at a significant milestone or part of an estate, your family will treasure your custom jewelry just as much as you do.

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