Family heirlooms can be a sentimental thing, but antique jewelry is typically a style not easily worn today. The decision to let go of antique jewelry pieces is not lightly made. If you have decided to sell your antique jewelry pieces, you will want to go to a private jeweler. A personal jeweler can see beyond the outdated design or setting and know the value of stones and metals.

Extensive Knowledge and Expertise

Private jewelers have comprehensive expertise and unmatched attention to detail. Personal jewelers often have lifelong ties to the jewelry business, as is JMorgen’s owner, Yoni Morgenstern. Mr. Morgenstern’s deep roots in the New York City diamond district inspired him to establish his jewelry boutique in the early 2000s.

A private jeweler will know the real value of your antique jewelry pieces. They know jewelry like no one else. Decades of experience, formal training, and certifications are just a little of what a private jeweler brings to the table. An excellent personal jeweler will inspect your pieces, explain what they are worth, their worth if removed from the setting, and their melt value. The melt value is what the piece is worth if all the metals are melted down.

Big box stores and pawn shops don’t have the training you can expect from a private jeweler. A personal jeweler is attuned to the most minute details in antique jewelry pieces. For example, they can tell you that a detailed filigree is proprietary to only one jewelry designer. With a private jeweler, you get unparalleled knowledge and a well-honed eye.

Individual Service and Attention

Selling antique jewelry is often a very personal, long agonized decision. A private jeweler is available by appointment only so that you will have the jeweler’s full attention. Your appointment is your time alone. From the moment you step through the front door, you will command your jeweler’s full attention. Liquidizing family heirlooms can be a painful but necessary thing. We are here to ease that process however we can. In private, you will meet with the jeweler and explain the history you know about the piece.

Private jewelers offer a level of service you won’t find elsewhere. This is because a personal jeweler such as JMorgen establishes lifelong relationships with clients. We are there for every significant milestone, from engagement rings and anniversary gifts. Dealing with estate matters can be complicated and emotionally draining. As private jewelers, we support our clients and help them get the best value for their antique jewelry.

Competitive Pricing

Private jewelers don’t have the overhead that other stores do. They are by appointment only, so client referrals are their bread and butter. You either are in the know, or you’re not. Without the money spent on advertising and large showrooms, private jewelers can offer the best price for your antique jewelry. With a personal jeweler, custom work is what they do. So, they are particularly well suited to see the true worth of your one-of-a-kind antique jewelry.

Support Your Local Community

When you patronize a private jeweler, you are supporting local trade. Big box stores have chains all over the country. Their locations aren’t invested in the local community. A private jeweler is part of the local business community, so you can expect that your concerns are their concerns. Personal jewelers build their business on their reputation. They’re invested in their neighborhood and its inhabitants. That’s why if you have an antique piece of jewelry you would like to sell; a private jeweler is the only way to go. We hope if you are in the Lakewood, NJ area and need an appraisal for your antique jewelry pieces, that you will think of us at JMorgen Jewelers.