Fine jewelry is an investment that can be passed down through generations, but heirloom pieces and estate jewelry don’t need to remain untouched in your collection. There are many reasons why clients decide to sell their estate pieces. Whether you’re ready to upgrade unworn pieces, make room for other investments, or let go of heirlooms for other reasons, a private jeweler like JMorgen can guide you through the sales process. 

We care about the legacy of your pieces and are committed to caring for your family jewelry while providing you with many options for your collection. Learn more about common motivations for selling estate jewelry as well as how to navigate the experience with JMorgen.

Why Sell Your Estate Jewelry

With our decades in the fine jewelry industry, we’ve seen many reasons why clients are interested in selling their pieces. Many heirloom pieces feature designs that were in fashion during their original owner’s lifetime, but which appear outdated to the modern eye. Changing tastes and styles leave many families with lovely heirloom pieces that simply aren’t worn. However, these tangible parts of your family history don’t need to stay untouched in a jewelry case or safety deposit box. There are many ways to refresh classic pieces and give them a new life.

Upgrade Unworn Items

Many heirloom pieces remain unworn because they don’t fit their current owner’s preferences. This is especially common with estate pieces that have been in the family for a relatively short amount of time. Jewels inherited from a parent or grandparent may simply look old-fashioned, as opposed to stylishly vintage or antique. 

If you’ve inherited fine jewelry but are never excited to wear it, consider upgrading these pieces into something more current. JMorgen specializes in updating estate jewels to a modern look and feel that suits your personality. These designs still have a touch of nostalgia to help you celebrate your history every time you wear them.

Maintain An Emotional Connection

Unfortunately, estate jewelry and other inherited items can lead to conflicts among surviving family members. It’s only natural for many siblings, cousins, and other relatives to desire a tangible reminder of their loved ones. Luckily, heirloom jewels offer a unique opportunity to give beloved pieces to as many family members as possible.

Consider breaking estate jewelry into multiple pieces to offer many family members a part of their history. JMorgen can distribute historical pieces into smaller sets, such as transforming a set of earrings into two rings, a multi-stone bracelet into multiple solitaires, or a necklace into cufflinks. These new pieces maintain an investment while offering value to the next generation.

Downsizing Possessions For A Streamlined Lifestyle

At JMorgen, we also see clients who are ready to downsize their possessions. These clients aren’t interested in a new piece of jewelry but simply want to streamline their lives. If you’re ready to realize the investment you’ve made in fine jewelry, we are here to help. We purchase many fine stones and metals and are happy to guide you through the sales process.

How To Sell Your Estate Jewelry 

When you’re ready to upgrade, reset, or sell your estate jewelry, turn to an expert private jeweler such as JMorgen. We’ve grown up in the diamond industry and understand the inherent value in your pieces. You can schedule a consultation and learn about selling your jewels in three easy steps.

1. Fill Out Our “Estate Jewelry Form”

Start the process by letting us know about your jewelry. We offer a simple, secure form on our website where you can describe your items. Please include all the information you have on your piece. From official documents to family legends, no detail is too grand or too small for us to consider.

2. Submit Photos

Pictures of your pieces help us learn about your jewelry. A few informal pictures taken from your phone are a valuable starting point and allow us to place your jewels in context. Try to take pictures from a few different angles of each item if possible.

3. Schedule An Appointment

Once we’ve received your descriptions and photos, we will schedule a convenient appointment to discuss your options. Our one-on-one consultations are designed to help you learn about your piece, explore your choices, and make the best choice for you and your jewelry collection.

Learn More With JMorgen

Fine jewelry is an important part of your family’s legacy. You deserve to make the most of your heirlooms with beautiful pieces you love to wear. If you’re ready to explore updating, resetting, or selling your estate jewelry, contact JMorgen to explore all of your options.