Fine jewelry is a beautiful way to mark life’s occasions. Whether you are giving a treasured gift, celebrating a milestone, or breathing new life into heirloom pieces, jewelry can make your journey special. At JMorgen Jewelry, we’re here to guide our clients through this process. Learn how a private jeweler’s services can enhance your life when you buy, sell, and even upgrade jewelry.

All About Buying Jewelry

Custom jewelry is an investment in your life for years to come. Fine diamonds in expert settings can hold their value for generations. Your monetary investment is secure, but your jewelry should also be a treasured sentimental item for years to come. JMorgen will help you navigate the jewelry buying process so you can enjoy every aspect of your custom pieces.

As a private jeweler, JMorgen provides white-glove service at every step along the way. Your journey begins with a personal appointment at our Lakewood, New Jersey boutique. We will get to know you in this low-pressure meeting and discover what you’re looking for in your custom jewelry piece. 

If this is your first time working with a custom jeweler, you may be surprised to learn that we don’t keep stock pieces for you to try on. Instead, all of our items are custom-made to your liking and your lifestyle. We create one-of-a-kind pieces for each client, and we look forward to crafting something unique just for you. Rest assured that your new piece will be a perfect fit for your personality, lifestyle, and dreams.

The Best Way To Sell Your Jewelry

If you’re ready to part with some of your jewelry collection, turn to organizations that appreciate the value of what you have. We have decades of experience in the fine jewelry industry and are familiar with the potential precious stones and materials you hold.  

At JMorgen, we purchase all precious metals and precious stones. We’re passionate about educating our clients, so rest assured we will fully inform you about the pieces you show us. Together, we will explore your options for making the most of your unworn jewelry items.

Upgrade Your Jewelry

Instead of selling, you can also consider upgrading unworn pieces. Jewelry from your existing collection can be transformed into something new. Whether you inherited an heirloom piece that isn’t to your taste, are interested in adding extra sparkle to your favorite piece, or would like to wear a stone in a different setting, we can upgrade your jewelry into a stunning custom piece.

At your one-on-one appointment, we will examine your existing jewelry items and learn all about how they could better suit your lifestyle. There are many options for upgrading jewelry. One standard change is to add a larger diamond or other stone to your favorite piece. You can also repurpose the original stone in a new piece of jewelry. For example, if we add a larger diamond to an engagement ring, we can also create a lovely necklace using the original stone.

Perhaps you still love the original design of a piece but have come to prefer a different metal. We can upgrade a yellow gold piece to rose gold or platinum, allowing you to keep wearing your favorite jewelry in a look that suits your current tastes. 

When upgrading heirloom pieces, choose a jeweler who treasures your original jewelry as much as you do. At JMorgen, we love to update estate jewels for a new generation. Our careful design process results in beautiful pieces that speak to their current wearer’s personality while also remaining true to the family’s heritage. Family jewelry should be treasured, so we are always happy to give pieces a new life through a custom, modern upgrade.

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