“Our Eternity Band vs. Their Eternity Band”

When you’re shopping for an eternity band, and you walk into a jewelry store, you might see the saleswoman’s eyes light up a bit, and that’s because eternity bands are an investment. When you shop at JMorgen Jewelry, you will never have that experience working with us. We pride ourselves on answering any questions and creating an eternity band you want – not just something we have to get rid of or that we have in stock.

Keeping that in mind, you must choose a reputable, honest jeweler who will listen to your requests and answer any questions you might have about an eternity band. Eternity bands are intricate creations. How eternity bands are set can alter the appearance of the diamonds drastically. When you have your eternity band designed, sourced, and created under the JMorgen Jewelry roof, we will determine the following:

  1. We’ll Discuss The Different Shapes

While many of our customers like to match the shape of their band to their engagement ring, some customers like to mix it up and choose a different stone shape. We will guide you through the pros/ cons of each cut for your eternity band.

Some customers like to complement their band’s shape to their engagement ring, while others want it to play off each other slightly. We’ll always give you our honest opinion of what will work and what won’t – this is how you avoid purchasing an eternity that doesn’t adhere to your lifestyle.

2. How Much Are We Investing?

As you could have guessed, budget plays a huge role in designing eternity bands; what size stones and what quality you desire will be determined by budget. A vast differentiator about the eternity bands we create here at JMorgen, we will not overlook the actual metalwork. Believe it or not, the metal type will significantly affect how the ring feels on you and how it looks to the human eye.

Working with different metal types can significantly alter the price point, allowing you more flexibility on your eternity band.

3. The Eternity Band Setting

Often, the diamonds in the eternity band are set too high as it’s a misconception that the higher the diamonds are set, the bigger the ring will look. Setting the diamonds higher creates an uncomfortable ring for you to wear and will also cost you more money in the long-run as the ring will have more space to fill vs. it being set closer to your finger.

This step typically gets overlooked at the retailer level because they only have a few settings to sell. When you shop at a boutique jeweler, we make the setting custom to the diamonds we are placing in your eternity band.

4.You Get Better Quality & Better Pricing with A Boutique Jeweler

Being a boutique jeweler with national relationships, we can purchase large quantities of brilliant diamonds at the wholesale level. This allows our custom pricing to beat out-of-the-box rings from jewelry stores while also giving you an eternity band that will withhold its value for generations to come.

To schedule a private consultation, please email us at info@jmorgen.com.