When it comes to purchasing custom jewelry, it’s an exciting time for you. You get the opportunity to design something completely custom to your taste and your lifestyle. Sometimes, however, buying custom jewelry can leave you feeling stressed out or wondering if you received a good deal. (Our Founder (Yoni) has grown-up in this industry, so trust us, there is no situation he hasn’t heard of or seen when it comes to fine jewelry.)

Here at JMorgen Jewelry, we pride ourselves on delivering a completely customized jewelry piece that will withhold its value for years to come. Why would you make a large purchase only to have it decrease in value over time? We look at jewelry as a keepsake item that your family will cherish and pass down for generations.

Purchasing custom jewelry is a seamless process; we’re going to walk you through it now:

  1. Consultation

Did you know that you can either walk into our boutique or schedule a private consultation? We have a lovely staff of sales associates awaiting you and showcase some of the unique jewelry items we have. While we’re closed a few days during the week, we’re happy to open by appointment only – we know how busy schedules can get with work while balancing your family. 

During our initial consultation, we will discuss what jewelry you’re looking to have customized. We will explain the different options you have regarding stone cuts, metal types, and gemstones/ diamonds. Additionally, during the consultation, we’ll ask you questions about your lifestyle to ensure we’re designing you a piece that you’ll be able to wear as frequently (or infrequently) as you desire. If you often wash your hands or use your hands frequently, a delicate tennis bracelet wouldn’t be the best option for you; however, a thicker diamond bracelet with more strong clasps might.

2. Designing

After our initial consultation, the fun begins! We will create sketches of what your custom jewelry will look like when it’s finished during the design phase. The visualization will help us review any modifications or “slight tweaks” we need to make before sourcing the diamonds and other materials.

Your design consultation will be done either virtually or in-person; if we are doing the design consultation virtually, a sales associate will send you the files needed to review. In-person design consultations would be at our showroom in Lakewood, NJ, and scheduled in advance.

3. Sourcing

While there are many reasons to work with a boutique jeweler (JMorgen Jewelry), one huge reason is our global partnerships. Since our founder has grown-up in the jewelry industry (NYC’s Diamond District), we have international relationships; this allows us to source the most brilliant diamonds to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece while also remaining value-conscious.

The sourcing stage can take a few weeks, depending on what type of stone(s) we are trying to locate for your custom jewelry item and where we can find it geographically. The phrase, you cannot rush perfection truly adheres to this stage of the custom jewelry process.

4. Creation

Once we have all the materials needed to start creating your jewelry, we will get to work. All of the jewelry we design is entirely custom, meaning we will never use a mold to create anything. Upon finishing the jewelry item, you will be able to pick-it-up and admire it. Should any slight detail fall under expectation, rest assured we will always make it right. You have to love your new jewelry.

We pride ourselves on delivering value to our clients as well as white-glove customer service. Explore our look-book to gain familiarity with the caliber of work we do here at JMorgen Jewelry. Schedule a private consultation by emailing info@jmorgen.com or calling (877) 566-7436. We look forward to meeting you.