When it comes to buying custom jewelry, you want to purchase an item that is unique and will withhold its value for years to come. Often times, you (the consumer) are alluded to believe that retail jewelry stores are the best bargain, when in reality, those big box retailers are supplying you with a lackluster product that has been reproduced hundreds of times.

We approach the custom jewelry process differently than your traditional retailers and we’ve been doing so for decades: Enter JMorgen Jewelry in Ocean County, NJ, your boutique jeweler with a national reach.

New York City’s Diamond District: Circa 1960

Back around the 1960s, Yoni Morgenstern’s (Founder of JMorgen Jewelry in Lakewood, NJ) family had a jewelry store in New York City’s famous Diamond District. Working in one of the most desirable locations for the luxury jewelry and brilliant diamonds, Yoni learned two things: First, he lived and breathed every single step of the custom jewelry process, second, he learned from a young age that he was going to go about his jewelry business differently than those big-box retailer jewelry stores.

Initially sourcing the desired stone for the jewelry piece being created, Yoni often saw his competitors persuading clients towards a specific diamond or design style, not because that is what the customer wanted, rather that is what the jeweler had.

JMorgen Jewelry Established 2000**

After years of hustling and bustling in NYC, Yoni decided he would open a boutique showroom in Lakewood, NJ, to offer customers a more intimate experience. JMorgen Jewelry in New Jersey’s Ocean County offers walk-ins as well as private appointments. Opening the showroom in 2000*, Yoni has created a warm, elegant environment where customers feel comfortable bringing in antique heirloom pieces or where they can simply enjoy a glass of bourbon while discussing the new custom jewelry piece they’re looking to have designed.

A Boutique Jeweler with A National Reach

We like to think of ourselves as a boutique jeweler with a national reach. Having national relationships allows us to find you the best value and the best materials available. When you visit a retail jewelry store, they are only able to sell you what they’re manufacturing; at JMorgen Jewelry, we work with various manufacturers in order find the exact metal or diamond needed. Given our partnerships, we can also locate extremely rare gemstones as we have had these relationships for decades.

Why JMorgen Jewelry In Lakewood, New Jersey?

Why JMorgen Jewelry in New Jersey vs. other jewelry stores? Given our richly rooted history within the diamond industry, we have global partnerships that allows us to find you the perfect stone for your custom jewelry piece. Additionally, every single phase of the custom jewelry process is handled under our roof– this gives us complete control when designing your jewelry.

Jewelry is an investment, so it’s in your best interest to invest in jewelry that will withhold its value for generations to come. Do not be fooled by flashy pricing from retail jewelry stores when it comes to two jewelry pieces that look identical; despite their complimenting appearances, the end product differs immensely.