Congratulations, you’ve reached a pinnacle milestone in your life – you will soon be engaged to your beloved soulmate. However, before you get down on one knee and hear the word “YES,” you have to purchase an engagement ring.

Beyond choosing the shape, cut, carat, and setting for your S.O., there are many things not to do if you want to avoid being taken advantage of and prefer to purchase an engagement ring that will withhold its value for years to come.

  1. Don’t Solely Go Off Price

We understand that money is a necessary evil in life. When it comes to purchasing the best engagement ring for your loved one, pricing is a factor; however, please do not decide solely on the sticker price at hand.

For instance, we advise telling the jeweler you’re working with what type of engagement ring you’re looking for and your budget instead of looking for rings priced at $15K. It’s imperative to convey to your jeweler what the overall goal is for your S.O. and their soon-to-be ring; do they want a larger diamond, do they care more about clarity or more about the band and cut? By providing the jeweler with your essential “musts,” you guarantee to maximize your budget and provide your loved one with a beautiful engagement ring, she will cherish for eternity.

2. Don’t Purchase Online

With technology so accessible at the touch of your fingertips, there are various products you can purchase from your smartphone; an engagement ring is not a purchase we recommend you do online, however. Why? Besides not physically seeing the stone or engagement ring you’re buying, you could get stuck with something you didn’t necessarily want. Then what? Remember number one above, don’t let deceitful pricing online fool you into a quick purchase.

We recommend working with a boutique jeweler or wholesaler; these types of jewelers are unparalleled in delivering you the most valuable product. Not to mention, you tend to get significantly better customer service vs. working with a retail jewelry store. Private jewelers will have a more selective collection to show you and create the engagement ring custom to your liking; you also tend to get a better value for your money. 

3. If It Seems To Good To Be True, It Is

If the engagement ring you’re looking to purchase for your fiancé seems too good to be true, it might be. Different types of situations that could allude you to believe you’re getting a fair deal on the purchase of your engagement ring could be a situation where a friend tells you to purchase their old engagement ring, a “flash deal” from an online jewelry store or even a “one-day-sale” deal at your local chain jewelry store.

As cliché as it might sound, always listen to your gut when buying the engagement ring for your fiancé. You want to purchase an engagement ring that your future spouse will love, and that will withhold its value for generations to come – impulsive purchasing typically does not result in a good deal.

4. Disregard Setting & Metal Type

When purchasing an engagement ring, you need to consider the type of setting for the diamond you’re buying and the metal type. You could have a 2-carat diamond with two different settings and have option one look utterly different from option two because of how the diamonds are being set in the ring.

By choosing to purchase your engagement ring from a boutique jeweler, you can convey what type of metal and setting you’re looking for; at that point, the jeweler can then set off to source the right diamond for your ring. Believe it or not, the different metal types and settings ultimately cater to the overall look and feel of your loved one’s engagement ring, so it’s vital to remember this step.

5. Don’t Forget Insurance

It’s normal for you not to consider Insurance on the engagement ring initially you’re purchasing; however, it’s something that you need to take into account. The cost to insure the ring will depend on how much you spent on it, so it’s crucial to tally this into your budget so you can adequately plan for your upcoming engagement.

When you shop for your engagement ring at a boutique jeweler like JMorgen Jewelry in N.J., we ensure we ask you questions like the above to ensure you’re receiving the best ring possible at a great value. We have guided customers to ring designs they didn’t even realize they could get by working with a private jeweler – they always just assumed it was out of their budget. Buying an engagement ring is a personal experience. Let us join your journey and be a part of your forever story.

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