When you are considering investment options, it is easy to overlook jewelry as a viable option.  What other investment can you enjoy in real-time, while it increases in value? But it’s important to choose the right piece. Jewelry can be used to fund college for the kids or provide emergency funds when you need them.

The right jewelry investment pieces will appreciate over time. Available at different price points, you can easily find something that tickles your fancy and provide a safe investment. When it comes to increasing in value, not all high-quality jewelry will accomplish this. Here we share the things you should consider when choosing investment jewelry.

Buy Quality Period Pieces

Vintage jewelry with strong linear designs made between 1920-1935 has a modern look and is a great choice for investment pieces. Art Deco pieces fare better over time than other pieces.  Cartier or Van Cleef and Arpels are usually contemporary enough in their design to still fetch their value today.

Antique jewelry, more than 100 years old, is a good choice.  But lean towards Edwardian and Georgian jewelry from the 1900s to the 1930s. They are a great choice because of their straightforward design.

Buy Attractive Jewelry

While your goal is finding investment pieces, you will want them to be attractive. Classic pieces that survive the test of fashion time are the best way to go. When you buy something you love, you will enjoy it even if you are not able to sell it. 

Buy Loose Diamonds

Certified diamonds hold their value.  Loose diamonds are also usually available at a good price and will always be a good investment.

Materials Matter

The value of the metal, the design, and the quality of the gem all matter when looking for investment jewelry. The highest quality materials are durable and hold their value.  Keep in mind that pearls can dull over time and gold less than 18-carats are not as valuable throughout the world.

Be Aware of Volatility

Jewelry value can fluctuate and profits from sales are taxed at 28%. 

Choose a Few Signed Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry marked with the name of the design houses from which they come: Cartier, Bulgari, David Webb appreciates over time. 

Choose Rare Precious Stones

Precious stones like a Burmese ruby, or Kashmir Sapphire, and colored diamonds all appreciate. Blue sapphires are popular choices for engagement rings, so their value holds steady over time. Burmese rubies hold value and are more valuable in vivid red.  When choosing which designer piece, opt for something that is rare and will increase in value.

Steer Clear of Fashion Trends

Contemporary designer pieces will often be trendy, not classic.  They lose their appeal and value very quickly.  However, a beautiful piece that is a designer original from an up-and-coming jewelry designer could be a good choice. 

Gold and Platinum are Great Choices

Gold prices are stable and currently high.  Platinum seems to be more volatile.  But their beauty can be enjoyed while you are riding out the trends.

How to Sell Your Gold Jewelry

When you are ready to make a profit from the gold jewelry you have invested in, it is important to make sure you get what those pieces are worth.

  • Take your time – evaluate the piece and make sure that emotionally you are prepared to let it go and that you are getting the right price for it.
  • Know the worth of your piece – make sure your piece is pure gold and get an appraisal.
  • Only sell to reputable buyers – they will have a license to buy gold jewelry in the state.  They should also be a member of a jewelry trade association. Check with the BBB for complaints.

While all your entire investment portfolio should not be comprised of jewelry, it can be a viable part of it.  Jewelry is beautiful, something you can enjoy today while it appreciates, and a great option to hand down for generations.

When choosing jewelry as an investment:

  • Do your homework.
  • Be patient and avoid impulse buys.
  • Insure your investment.

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